NTZ has an Intensive Course for those who want to learn how to do lighting projects.

The Course has practical exercises that demonstrate how much lighting can modify architecture, create different atmospheres in the same environment and generate different visual perceptions of the same object. The main goal is to shift the paradigm on project development, getting rid of bad habits and the idea that there is an universal solution that fits every project. At the end of the course, a new mentality is created in which lighting is a tool to enhance and elevate projects. It is divided into eight modules:

- 01 Introduction to General Concepts

- 02 Residential lighting projects

- 03 Lighting projects for bars and restaurants

- 04 Lighting projects for stores and other businesses

- 05 Landscape lighting projects

- 06 Facade lighting projects

- 07 Details for lighting projects

- 08 Lighting projects by computer (DIALux)

The course, designed by Ugo Nitzsche himself, condenses his experience on lecturing at universities and Lighting Design events around Brazil and it is aimed to interior designers, architects (professionals and students) and lighting designers that want to venture into the immense universe of lighting designing and the possibilities it offers. 


Theory combined with practice

Learn all the theoretical concepts and immediately put them into practice, with exercises that simulate market situations.


Have contact and exchange information with other professionals in the field, expanding your network and opening the possibilty of making new partneships.


Direct contact with luminaires

Learn and see at first hand how equipments work and perform. 

Qualified Professional

Learn from one of the most skilled and renowned Lighting Designers in Brazil.


Design Exclusively

We believe that every project is different and each one has an exclusive solution. 


Learn to design

Our methodology provides for the creation of different atmospheres using lighting to enhance architecture and improve user experience.




Lighting course at the Ideally store in Curitiba.



Lighting course at Exceleds store in Maringá.


Rio de Janeiro

Lighting course at Axiom Treinamentos in Rio de Janeiro.


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